This February 2018 Newsletter covers the below topics:


  • Google Launches Beta Version Of Brand New Search Console

    – What Is This New Update All About
    – What Are The New Features Added
    – How Do You Access This New Search Console Dashboard

  • You Can Now Add Videos To Your Google My Business Listing

    – What Is This New Change
    – Who Can Add Videos
    – How Will This Benefit Business Owners

  • Page Speed Will Officially Be A Ranking Factor In Google From July 2018

    – How To Make Sure This Update Doesn’T Hurt Your Website
    – How To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly
    – What About Amp

  • Important Google Adwords Updates For February 2018

    – Some Important Points To Consider
    – How To Take Advantage Of These Updates

  • Youtube’s New Monetization Policy, Not A Bad Decision

    – What Is This New Policy All About
    – How Will This Affect Businesses
    – Important Points To Consider


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