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What Is Online Presence Management?

Get them to your site! It's one thing to have a website just sitting on the internet, but you also need to drive traffic to it. Online presence management is the art and science of doing exactly that. What good is a website if no one sees it? Keep reading to get your...

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Mal – The Contagious Data Loss Grelin

He’s Mal the Maleficent, the perennial purveyor of disease, the one among the Six Data Loss Gremlins who enjoys mischief for the sheer pleasure of harming others. A trickster and a thief, Mal is unrelenting in his attempts to steal or destroy data. He employs all...

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Phishing with your phone

Scam artists have a new platform in their arsenal to obtain your financial information.  They have taken to phone calls with a spoofed number to make it appear to be coming from a financial institution.  I have been a victim of a phishing attempt where they called me...

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Defeating Dino, the Aging Data Loss Gremlin

As the oldest of the Data Loss Gremlins, Dino looks banged up and harmless but in truth, he’s an old-school trickster with a longstanding ability to destroy small businesses. Dino represents the legacy operating systems and software that small businesses continue to...

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