We all experience power outages, brown outs, and surges; but do you know the havoc it can cause on your electronics? What many people don’t realize is that electricity; especially in, thunderstorms and summer time is as much a danger to our electronics as it is needed for them to run. Electricity is wonderful when it is coming into the building at a constant voltage, what we don’t realize is that during thunderstorms and peak times, we don’t always get the correct voltage, causing a low power condition to our electronics.


What can you do to protect your electronics?

Installing power protection devices, such as surge protectors or battery backups is the best way to protect your electronics. While similar, these two devices offer different types of protection. Surge protectors will protect your electronics from any surge in power, which is any spike in the voltage. Not all surge protectors are the same, the intensity of the surge they can protect against varies from model to model, so research needs to be done prior to selecting the correct product.

Battery backup devices have a surge protector built in so they protect against power spikes.  They also have a battery built in that will keep the voltage flowing at the proper voltage. Basically if the power drops below the correct voltage, from a brown out or complete power failure, the internal battery will kick in and provide the difference. While more expensive the battery backup will provide complete protection.

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