What’s the Deal with Local SEO?

Many business owners ask, “wouldn’t it make sense to be found all across the state – or nation?”  More areas being found means more business,right?


Think about this:  you’re at work, looking to grab a quick lunch.  You need to be back in 50 minutes to make that 1:00 meeting, so you pull up Google and search “deli”.  Maybe you even search “deli near me” or “local deli”.

Would it make sense for you to find a deli in Montana when you’re in Georgia? Nope.

Google Wants to Show Relevant Search Results

Google’s goal is to show the best, most relevant search results to the user. With “near me” searches doubling in the last year, users want to find local results – and Google’s providing them. It only makes sense to show up on Google where your consumers are.

Are you a service area industry, maybe a plumber or a contractor?  The rule still applies.  Let’s say you’re a landscaper in Binghamton, NY.  Would it be reasonable to take clients in Philadelphia?  Or would it make more sense to focus on homeowners in your area?

Local Results Help Solve Consumer Problems

Location in relation to the user helps make up about 14% of Google’s ranking factors, which means local SEO is a huge part of your online success. With about three billion Google searches performed a day, you need to be online to be found by consumers. Online is where consumers go to find answers to their problems. They are going to find them, that’s a fact, but the question is – who will deliver those answers? Hopefully, it’s you!

Local SEO helps to make that a reality.