Two Step Verification

Tech insiders have varied opinions when it comes to making the definitive determination if two-step verification is helpful or a hindrance in business. Two-step verification, through authentication apps and similar software programs, provides an extra layer of protection and security when logging into certain apps and websites.

How Two-Step Verification Can Secure Your Software

Many of the major search engines and top websites utilize some form of two-step verification and offer this as an option to visitors and customers. When you set up this optional service, you must provide an alternate way of contacting you in the event that your account becomes compromised. Once you have this service set up, you will have to provide your login information and password whenever you access your account from a new computer, device or web browser.

The two-step verification process kicks in at this point to authorize that a one-time unique code is sent to your email, cell phone number or other approved contact method that you authorized as a backup point of communication. According to Simply Mac, “some sites offer the option of handling two-step verification through an authentication app instead of through text messaging or email. These apps can be more fussy to use, but they are considered to be more secure, since a determined intruder who was coming after you personally could hijack or eavesdrop on your phone number or email.”

Not A Foolproof Method

Two-step verification provides an extra measure of security to consumers utilizing certain apps and entrusting websites with their sensitive information. Even though these additional steps help to prevent hackers from obtaining information and breaching data, they are not completely foolproof. A sophisticated hacker can always find ways around even the most secure and sophisticated security software programs. That being said, not all two-step verification is on equal footing. Make Use Of explains, “not all two-factor authentication methods are equal. Some are demonstrably safer and more secure than others. And inversely, some are not as good as others.”

To Like Or Dislike

People who are in favor of two-step verification say that it makes them feel secure providing sensitive information to companies. Those who oppose two-step verification software argue that it does not add much in the way of extra security, and it is a nuisance to have to take the time to wait for, and enter, a code every time they need to perform financial transactions with their bank, access their social media accounts or check their email.

While many consumers appreciate having the opportunity to add an extra optional layer of security to their sensitive information when they choose to add two-step verification to their accounts, many app developers and business owners have conflicting opinions on whether it provides more security. For now, many top websites and apps keep two-step verification as an optional service, but many are moving more and more to having two-step verification be a mandatory feature.

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