Get me out of here button on keyboard to avoid phishing and spearphishing attacks

One of the best ways to protect your business against these types of attacks is by educating your employees on the methods these criminals exploit to gain access to your employees and your sensitive information.  But beyond that, there are some methods you can use in conjunction with education to help protect your business.

1.          Pre-Delivery – Using filters can help prevent malicious emails from reaching your employees’ inbox and is effective for preventing indiscriminate attacks but not targeted ones.  More useful, however, are solutions that not only filter emails before reaching the inbox but incorporating virus scanners, real-time intent analysis, reputation checks, URL checkers, and other assessments before any email reaching your employee.  We have an offering that can help you prevent an attack before it even starts.  Contact your representative for more.

2. Post-Delivery – if a user flags an email as suspicious, manually review each email as well as run it through a machine learning filter.

3. After an Incident has occurred – If a user does accidentally and unknowingly fall victim to a phishing email, stay calm.  Call us immediately to develop a plan of action to secure your network and ensure no harm comes to your data. 

Don’t React, Prevent Malicious Attacks

Despite the prolific number of ransomware and attacks that are affecting businesses across the globe, not all hope is lost.  While brilliant minds are being used to harm, others are being used to protect those same businesses.  Green Street Technology Solutions has over 10 years in securing and managing networks just like yours, and we can help you develop a plan to keep your business safe from these malicious sources.  Give us a shout today at 610-400-8875 or and be proactive in your cyberdefense