Google is developing a potential new way to stop website phishing. Have you ever had it when you go to a website and then you find out that it’s not really the website you thought it was? could be changed by such a way as a misspelling or link you clicked on had numbers instead of letters. This new technology that Google is experimenting with being able to detect unusual domain name patterns and the end-user to the fact.

As useful as this technology will be it is also concerning that is being developed by Google the leading search engine and developer of the Chrome web browser. The Chrome web browser has the largest market sure out ranking Internet Explorer, edge, and Firefox. As much as I am liking the technology to stop fishing and scams I do not like that Google is providing more control over the websites that we visit and see.

It will be interesting to see how this new technology plays out and what role it will have in creating a potentially Google-dominated Internet.


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