Are you protecting your computer from attacks? 

In today’s society computers and the internet are used daily.  Our jobs, social life, and entertainment rely on it.  Just like you, computers are susceptible to viruses and malware.  These threats can attack your computer from malicious websites; as well as from innocent looking websites.


 By innocent website, I mean websites that are used daily by thousands of people and might have viruses on their site, either because someone hacked into the site so when you visit you become infected, or there are advertisements on the site that run malicious code when they are displayed and infect your computer.  An example is from the other month.  []

So how do you stay safe?

You need to have an anti-virus and anti-malware program on your computer.  There are many vendors of these, which range in cost from zero to around $100.  A lot of the free versions do not offer real-time scanning which the paid versions do offer.   To be honest, I prefer to spend the money on the real-time scans and also have the ability to schedule scans.  I am lazy and forgetful, and will put off running a manual scan until I have an issue and by then it is too late to be proactive; and the virus might even prevent the anti-virus from running.

If you suspect you might have a virus or malware, or want to make sure you have the correct software to practice safe computing, email or call us for a free consultation.