Passwords are in the spotlight today and it’s an important reminder to reconsider our online security routine. Here’s a little preview of the habits that make hackers very happy:


mostly or always use the same password


have not changed passwords in the last year


want to easily remember their passwords

Everyone I speak to has the same excuse for re-using passwords; myself included.  We don’t have the ability to remember long complex passwords or different passwords for every site we use.  When every site or app we visit or use now requires a login there is no possible way for us, well myself specifically, I can’t speak for you, that we can remember a different password for everything.

If you are like most people you have a notepad or piece of paper or a unsecure note on your phone or computer that lists your usernames and passwords on it.  If that falls into the wrong hands your entire digital life can become compromised and the damaged done could take months to resolve.


So what do you do?


What if I told you there is a secure way to keep your passwords locked in a vault that is accessible from your desktop, web browser, and mobile devices?

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