Technology Audit

Assess and Understand Your IT Environment

Green Street Technology Solutions’ team of consultants has more than 10 years’ experience in assessing and auditing IT environments for SMBs around the Delaware Valley.  We work with you to assess the current status and condition of your servers, workstations, software, operating systems, and other technology you use in your office.

Network Assessment

Green Street Technology Solutions provides our free Network Assessment, which we perform using automated tools, to assess your Windows Server environment.  This is a good tool for getting a basic understanding of your IT infrastructure.

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment

Do you have a cloud strategy in place?  Do you currently use the cloud?  How does your company view the role of IT within your business?  Is your company ready?  Green Street Technology Solutions’ free Cloud Readiness Assessment helps you understand how ready your business is for the cloud, and how you might benefit.

Free Outsourcing Assessment

Do you currently have IT staff?  Or currently, rely on 3rd party IT support vendors to handle your IT support?  Are you getting everything out of IT that your business needs?  IT Outsourcing could be the answer.  Green Street Technology Solutions’ simple online outsourcing assessment tool provides you with a quick and easy way to determine if you might be a good candidate for IT outsourcing or IT Managed Services.

Technology AuditComprehensive IT Assessment

Green Street Technology Solutions’ experienced team of consultants can perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment and staff.  Contact us for a free proposal.

Comprehensive IT Security Audit

Green Street Technology Solutions’ experienced team of consultants can perform a comprehensive IT security audit of your IT security infrastructure.  We can perform audits of your internal network security, external network security, WiFi security, and help you prepare for compliance audits such as HIPAA or PCI.  Contact us for a free proposal.