Meet Klepto, one of the Eight Data Loss Gremlins that can bring your business to its knees if you let them. KleptoFoiling Klepto, the Sticky-Fingered Data Loss Gremlin 2 does his best to grab his unfair share of the $445 billion that companies worldwide lose each year to cybercrime. Klepto is a real sicko. Greedy and dishonest, he never misses the slightest opportunity to get his sticky fingers on an unprotected laptop or tablet, hijack a bunch of users’ credit card numbers, or pilfer the passwords of unsuspecting victims.

Klepto never sleeps – and he spends all his waking hours concocting and executing schemes to steal more data. He’s an expert on social engineering, blackmail and – when nothing else works –plain brute force. But he can be stopped. It takes effort and investment to stay a few steps ahead of this nefarious gremlin, but it’s not impossible.

To find out how to protect your data, contact us. We’ll help you prepare a plan to foil Klepto’s every attempt to steal your valuable data. Together, we can do our part to put Kletpo out of business!